All the rates that are furnished on our website are pre covid-19 rates, we now provide ad hoc rates to more than 190 destinations. Please email your shipment details to or call +44 (0)118996 1682 and we will revert with quote within 2 office hours.


Airport to Airport

Country City Airport Code First 50 kg -100 kg +100kg +500 kg +1000 kg Handling & Xray
Nigeria Lagos LOS £197.50 £3.25/kg £2.85/kg £2.75/kg £2.60/kg £35.00
Nigeria Abuja ABV £240.00 £4.10/kg £3.05/kg £2.85/kg £2.70/kg £35.00
Nigeria Kano KAN £240.00 £4.10/kg £3.90/kg £3.70/kg £3.50/kg £35.00
  • Up-to destination Airport only
  • Minimum weight charged is 50kg
  • Transit time 3-5 days variable
  • Destination charges may apply, such as taxes and destination airport charges
  • This is the quickest and cheapest way to ship to your destination
  • Collection from all UK* post codes available.
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All Inclusive Air Cargo Door to Door Nigeria

Country City -100 kg +100 kg +500 kg +1000 kg Freight handling fee
Nigeria Lagos £4.75/kg £4.75/kg £4.75/kg £4.75/kg £15.00
Nigeria Abuja £5.75/kg £5.75/kg £5.75/kg £5.75/kg  £15.00
Nigeria Port Harcourt £5.75/kg £5.75/kg £5.75/kg £5.75/kg  £15.00
  • Inclusive of Freight, Clearance, TaxDuty and Delivery
  • Nothing to pay at the destination and all Harare deliveries are free
  • Minimum kg excepted is 5 kg
  • This is weekly shipment, transit 7-10 days variable
  • Only Tv, games consoles and cell phones have standard/per item price
  • This is the quickest, safest and cheapest way to ship to Nigeria
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