All the rates that are furnished on our website are pre covid-19 rates, we now provide ad hoc rates to more than 190 destinations. Please email your shipment details to or call +44 (0)118996 1682 and we will revert with quote within 2 office hours.


Do you provide free boxes
Yes we provide free double walled boxes and tapes. You are welcome to come and collect them from our warehouse.
Can I use my own boxes/bags/suitcases etc..
Yes, you can use your own packages and packing materials provided they are adequate to transport the contents safely, You can pack all you want into suitcases, bags, boxes etc.
Can I use Laundry bag and plastic storage boxes for my personal effects
No, these are used for home storatge and are not fit for shipping, ergo can not be used in domestic/international shipping. Please use boxes and suitcases only.
How do I secure my fragile goods
For personal effects, please use your own clothes to cushion your fragile goods. For tv/glass/mirror/art painting, other fragile electricals, medical equipment etc.. it’s always best shipped in wooden/box crates with inner protections, this guarantees safe delivery of these goods. We can assist in securing your fragile goods once you tell us the type of fragile goods you wish to ship.
Can I ship my perfumes and makeup in my box/suitcase
No, perfumes, deodorant, hair spray, batteries, nail varnish etc.. and all other flammable gas and flammable liquid. These are classed as dangerous goods and can only be shipped via air and sea cargo in the correct packaging, labelling, msds and dangerous goods certificate as prescribed by IATA. If you wish to ship commercial quantity dangerous goods i.e. perfumes, it’s absolutely fine, we will take care of packaging, labelling and documentations and have it delivered to your destination.
Can I put food in my box/suitcase
You can only send non perishable/dry food with your personal effects. Perishable food can be shipped only in refrigerated aircraft and reefers. Please check with relevant authorise at the destination what you can and can’t import.
What’s is the maximum weight allowed in one box/suitcase
This depends on the type of commodity you are shipping, we are happy to except crates and pallets of all sizes as well as out gouge cargo etc.. For personal effects, it’s always best to pack maximum of 30 kg in each box/suitcase.
Do you provide freight insurance for my goods
No, you have to obtain insurance from third party, simply google freight insurance. 99.9% of all the goods we ship arrive at destination safely and securely, ergo almost all our customers do not take up insurance as the process is lengthy and adds-up the cost. The high valued goods we ship for companies are insured in advance by third party insurer.
What guarantees do you provide for damages, loss & theft and delays with my cargo
Damages – Global Load Cargo Ltd bears no responsibility for any damages to any of the consignments during air and sea transportation once packed for export. Loss & Theft – Global Load Cargo Ltd Liability Insurance for Loss and Theft is limited to £10 per kg. Enhanced Compensation for Loss and Theft must be supported by original purchase receipt/s supplied before freighting goods. Global Load Cargo Ltd freight insurance include all BIFA Trading Conditions. Delays with cargo – Transit times cannot be guaranteed, although delays are regrettable Global Load Cargo Ltd bears no responsibility for delays caused by the carrier.