All the rates that are furnished on our website are pre covid-19 rates, we now provide ad hoc rates to more than 190 destinations. Please email your shipment details to or call +44 (0)118996 1682 and we will revert with quote within 2 office hours.


Parcels can travel many thousands of miles to reach their destinations. GLC does everything we can to ensure packages are always delivered on time and in great condition.
As soon as we ship your goods via air, sea or land, we will email you full booking details including your air waybill or bill of lading number as well as the link of the airliner or shipping line we have used to transport your goods.

In the case of our own All Inclusive Door to Door shipments to Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda… we constantly send out updates via email and texts and always confirm when shipment is delivered to the recipient. Very soon we shall have on our website, tracking portal solely for GLC All Inclusive Door to Door customers where they can simply type in their consignment no and they get instant update including delivery confirmation.

For all airport to airport, quay to quay and international courier we rely on carriers tracking reports accessible by all customers via the link we include in your booking details.

Below are the tracking links to some of the carriers we use to transport yoiur goods.

Air freight:

Sea freight