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Vehicles are shipped on their own Roll-on Roll-off, such vessels are purpose-built carriers, used by manufacturers to deliver new and used vehicles around the world. Vehicles are protected from the elements in enclosed decks, and are secured by straps and chocks. Service frequency is usually once or twice a month, and the transit time is 3 to 6 weeks depending on the destination.

Cars can also be shipped in containers, so if you are moving all of your household goods acompanied with a car, its best to take a whole container to your self either 20ft or 40ft, we will do all the loading for you and secure your car in the container. For large vehicle such as 15 tones and 18 tones we are able to provide out of gauge containers particularly for destinations that are not served by rollon rollof service. for all small vehicles such as saloons and 4×4 that are shipped by roll on roll off, shipper can simply drive to the loading port and we will take care of everything or if you are too busy we can simply arrange vehicle transporter to pickup your vehicle and drop it at the port of loading and we will email you all documentations.

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